About SpARC

How can I join 'SpARC', does one have to be a member of Brahma Kumaris to become a member of SpARC ?

Ideally we suggest you to undergo the 'Basic Rajyoga course' offered by Brahma Kumaris, which will give you a fair idea about the principles of organization, then you can start working for SpARC projects. However if you are interested to contribute exclusively in SpARC activities, you are welcome.

Where and how can I find literature related to the research done by SpARC ?

Through email on request.

How can I contribute towards SpARC?

  • Any individual has 3 different ways to contribute towards SpARC, viz.
  • you can join any of the research project as a researcher
  • you can support the project as a volunteer
  • monetary contribution can also be accepted in favour of 'rajyoga education & research foundation-SpARC' which has tax exemption benefit under 'section 80-g' of income tax act 1956.
Is 'Brahma Kumaris' Institution a religious organization ?

We are not confined to any religion, people from all religions, professions, caste-creed join the organization, for spiritual upliftment of oneself, with the help of value education & Meditation training imparted here.

Is there any age limit for joining SpARC and brahma kumaris in general?

no age limit.

Is any prerequisite educational background required to join SpARC?

If you are not a researcher, you can join as a volunteer/co-ordinator.

Can I collaborate with the SpARC to carry out research in my own field ?


Whom should I contact to join SpARC ?

|| Om Shanti ||