More than 180 projects were undertaken. A Summary of some of the projects taken up by the above Special Interest Groups is given below:

Power of Mind and Service through mind

This is one of the most successful projects wherein with systematic methodology of focusing attention on a specific aspect, enhancement of mind power could be achieved. This resulted in improvement of lifestyle to a great extent and becoming more balanced in spiritual study and professional

Depression Management

The report explains the power of thoughts and suggests various techniques taught in Rajyoga and deals with experiments and observations by which depression, if not cured totally, can be mitigated to a certain extent. It also presents results of experiments conducted to test state of mind and offers solutions to create a positive frame of mind. This project was taken up by Mumbai LC.

Experiencing Various Relationships with God

The report explores the knowledge of self and God, meaning of relationships and various causes and effects of unhappiness in relationships. This project formulates ways and means of experiencing an enjoyable relationship with God using visualization commentaries, games, Murli (Godly Version) churnings, virtue inculcation and suggested exercises. This project is a contribution by the Rajayoga Lab SIG (Spiritual Interest Group).

Holistic Healing of Human Suffering through Rajyoga (Cancer Patients)

The aim of this project is to provide pain relief to ill and terminally ill patients through Rajayoga, at the Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology (KMIO) in Bangalore, India. Two halls in the hospital campus have been provided by hospital authorities to PBKIVV for conducting Rajayoga Meditation as a result of application by this project.

During the first phase vibrations of deep peace are created in Baba's room and throughout the campus. In Phase two, pure vibrations (Sakaash) are sent to patients. During the third phase, patients were taught Rajayoga so that they can practice it on their own.

The reports on this project include visualizations to heal and experience of beneficiaries of Rajayoga meditation. Thousands of patients and caretakers are being benefited every year. This project is a contribution by the Bangalore LC.

Moral Mathematics

A manual has been developed that aids in developing awareness of one's inner personality through value based games and elementary mathematics. Knowledge of God is given with analogy of Zero and its characteristics. Knowledge, relationship, humility and service are presented as the four fundamental operations in life. Basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are linked with moral values.

Relieving Pain through Rajyoga

This project aims at healing patients suffering from pain. A four-day course, with visualization commentaries, knowledge of soul and Supreme Soul, for conducting at the patient's residence is given. The results of sample case studies have been shared and presented. This project is done by the Mumbai LC.

Sanskar Re-engineering

This project aims at providing practical tools using techniques like progressive relaxation, restricted awareness method, conditioning techniques and effective usage of auto-suggestions. Methods like Psycho-feedback, visualization, desensitization and fractionation are also detailed. The manual also includes illustrations of conducting a training program on rational emotive therapy for specific sanskars and is helpful for those who wish to lead the activity of Sanskar Re-engineering for a group.

Sanskar Transformation

A manual has been developed through this project which includes practical methods beneficial for self-transformation. The objective of this project was to estimate the extent of self-transformation achieved. Theory of self-transformation and practically applied methodologies are given in the report. Reports on experiments done, in Mumbai, to transform elements like anger, gossip, laziness, etc. using tools like 'Quiet Time' and individual counseling have been presented. This project is a contribution of Mumbai LC.

Smile World

This is a children's personality development project using games, songs, creative activities and stories. Children belonging to age group of 9-14 years are encouraged to reflect on and experience core values such as concentration, happiness, courage, love and friendship. Knowledge of soul and karma is also imparted. This project was taken up by the Local Chapter of Bangalore. Seeing the grand success of "Smile World"" project in which about 200 children were benefited, a Smile World Club was formed for children who would meet once a month. The report carries the detailed activities of "Smile World Club"".

Developing Positive thinking in children

This project was co-ordinated by BK Sumalatha of Hyderabad LC. The aim is to realise the importance of inculcation of positive thinking in the children and also to explore and extract the hidden talents of the children and inculcation of virtues through practice of Rajayoga Meditation. The methodology includes 3 steps: grouping 80 students and conducting Pre-test, Intervention Program and Post-test. The aim of this study is to prove the utility of Rajayoga Meditation and self-administrative principles of the organisation.

Aims and Qualifications (AQ)

This was a project undertaken by the Local Chapter of Bangalore. AQ is submitted as a TV serial, which includes five phases. It is a course for children of age 13 to 18. It helps the students to determine the aim and qualifications they should attain to reach their aim. It includes stories, famous quotes, creative interactive lectures, practical mental exercises and a special part "food for mind." First part of the phase I of AQ was telecast on 11th Feb., 2000. The telecast is relayed on TV channels DD1 and DD9.