About the Conference

We are passing through unprecedented times where uncertainty and insecurity are very high in many spheres of life. This constant state of flux has impacted every single individual on the face of this earth, including researchers.

Stability & Clarity are two of the most important traits that a researcher needs in order to perform good quality research. How to achieve that mental stability & clarity is the main theme of this year’s SIR e-Conference.

This e-Conference also aims at providing a platform to distinguished inter-disciplinary researchers, scientists, professors, research scholars and practitioners to present their perspectives on the methods of thriving in chaos and being focused on recreating a better world.

SpARC Wing of the Brahma Kumaris invites researchers from all fields to explore the ancient technique of Raja Yoga Meditation for experiencing inner tranquillity, which we believe, can bring excellence in the research they are engaged in.

The e-conference is organized by Spiritual Applications Research Centre (SpARC) Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation (RE&RF) along with parent organization, the Brahma Kumaris. SpARC was established in 1995 as a research wing to carry out holistic research to develop effective tools and techniques to facilitate easy application of spirituality in everyday life.

This  conference  is 14th  in  the series  of SIR  Conferences.  Over  the years, thousands of researchers have participated and collaborated on various life-transforming and socially-useful projects.

This Conference Aims To

  • Provide abundant insights to integrate spirituality into different areas of research
  • Present an occasion to share unique ideas garnered over long periods of contemplation.
  • Include enough self reflection time to explore and experience the values and powers we all are endowed with.