SpARC has defined various areas with spiritual concepts in which research activities could be carried out. Important areas defined for research are as follows:

Rajayoga Lab

This SIG aims at facilitating research on enabling easy and sustainable experience of peace, bliss, freedom from stress, etc. Also focusing the power of thought on matter and people for healing/empowering/purifying the same.

Value-based Education

This SIG aims at using technology and research methodologies to develop tools and techniques for imparting education in values for children. Some pioneering work has been done in imparting values to school children using Mathematics as a tool. This work gave birth to a new branch of value education called "Moral Mathematics". Similarly, values are being imparted through a set of games designed by an informal group of children called "The Smile World Club".


This SIG aims at facilitating research in Palliative Care and experimenting in preventive and curative approaches to health through meditative practices and life-style interventions.

Disaster Management

This SIG aims to understand the nature and impact of various forms of disasters and to utilise the power of Science and Spirituality in developing effective generic solutions in coping with disasters.

Values in Business

This SIG aims to show that the world of economics and exchange is also subject to spiritual laws and values and to prove that by respecting these laws, business becomes more prosperous and healthy for all.

Natural Sciences

The approach of this area is to arrive at a justification, on a set of fundamental concepts or axioms which resolve the long standing paradoxes, prevailing in various branches of science, while still explaining the observable phenomena.

Skill Development

Its aims at using Rajyoga meditation as a fundamental to develop techniques for imparting soft skills to increase employability of educated youth.


SIG aims to do research on alternate methods (other than fertilizers) in farming and using Rajyoga meditation for better cultivation.

Environment,Energy Conservation(renewable and non-renewable)

SIG aims to use the Spiritual laws for environment protection , energy conservation for non-renewable resources and using renewable sources of energy.

Philosophy & Religion

SIG aims to do research on interfaith, different philosophies, religions and Rajyoga.

History,Geography & Future of the World

SIG aims to do research on history of the world , geography and the future of the world in relation with knowledge imparted by Brahmakumaris.

Leadership & Management

SIG aims to develop tools and techniques in accordance with spiritual laws for holistic leadership and Management practices.