About SpARC

SpARC - Spiritual Applications Research Centre, affiliated with Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation (RERF), is the research wing of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (PBKIVV). SpARC was established in 1995 to dedicate itself in exploring and experimenting with the applications of Brahmakumaris Rajyoga Meditation for a happy and peaceful living.


Building a better tomorrow through applied spirituality.


To engage in holistic research and foster an interdisciplinary approach on a spiritual foundation to develop effective tools and techniques for benefit of people of all walks of life.

Aims and Objectives

To qualitatively and quantitatively assess the effects of Rajyoga meditative lifestyle with valid scientific tools.

Modus Operandi

SpARC operates as a research wing. Researchers of SpARC participate as Special Interest Groups (SIG), which hold discussions through, electronic forums. These Researchers also gather for meetings conducted at Head Quarters, Mount Abu and also at convenient venues as and when required. These meetings are in the form of informal dialogue, seminars, discussions and workshops.

In addition, Conference for Researchers of all disciplines is organized annually at International headquarters, Mt. Abu, to highlight how researchers can inculcate spirituality in their professional and personal life to sharpen their research skills. These types of programs are also organized in different cities of India throughout the year. Institutions and individuals with relevant expertise who share the goals of SpARC are invited to form collaborative links.

Local Chapters

Since the very beginning of the projects in 1995, every year many BK sisters and brothers come from various corners of the world, to attend the SpARC meetings at Brahma Kumaris headquarters, Mt. Abu. Each meeting has been a great occasion for "SpARClers" to present their papers and share their knowledge.

Over the years, several special interest groups (SIGs) have been formed and in August 1999, it was decided to form Local Chapters (LCs) or geographical groups of "SpARClers". Local SpARClers meet regularly to share their expertise, carry out proper churning and undertake research activities in a more effective way and the progress has been remarkable. More than 75 LCs have been formed throughout India. With the establishment of LCs, the SpARC research activities have gained a good momentum.

Rajyoga Research lab

In 2015, Rajyoga Research Lab (RRL) was inaugurated by former chairperson Late BK Ramesh Bhai Shah in the presence of other SpARClers. This lab aims to do research in the area of applied spirituality with a broader aim to guide mankind to lead a life of Health, Wealth and Happiness (i.e. free of tension & stress) by practice of Rajyoga meditation.