Who can be Member of SpARC Wing:

  1. Any individual, who is BK brother or sister (Brahma Kumar or Brahma Kumari)
    i.e. has taken Seven days basic course of Rajyoga and attending Rajyoga Gyan classes in any Brahma Kumaris Center
  2. Please download 'SpARC Wing's Membership Form by clicking button above or Here
  3. Please note-Total amount to be paid: Rs.2,025/-
    (Rs.Twenty Five as one time Entrance Fee and Rs. Two Thousand only as Life Membership one time Fee)

Following are the SpARC Wing's membership bank details:-

  • Account Name: Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation
  • Branch Name: State Bank of India, PBKIVV, Shantivan Branch
  • Account No: 30297384696
  • IFSC/NEFT Code: SBIN0010638
Download Memership Form