Hearty Invitation

Forthcoming 17th National SIR (Spirituality In Researchers) Conference and Meditation Retreat on “Integration of Science & Spirituality - the Source of Infinite Possibilities”.

The 17th National SIR Conference Participants’ eligibility (criteria):

  1. Post Doctorate Fellow, Ph.D. and M. Phil in any field
  2. Research Scholars & Researchers involved in Research activity at various Govt., Private Organisations, NGOs
  3. Medical Doctors (MS, MD) involved in research. 
  4. Vice Chancellors
  5. Director General, Director/ Dy. Director/ Secretary/ President/ Chairman of any Govt./ Private Research Organisation/ Institution
  6. University Professors


“Integration of Science & Spirituality - the Source of Infinite Possibilities” is a Conference and Meditation Retreat that:

  • Provides abundant insight to integrate spirituality with different areas of research.
  • Presents an occasion to share unique ideas garnered over long periods of contemplation.
  • Includes enough personal time to explore and experience the values and powers we all are endowed with.

The Conference will be a blend of interactive dialogues, reflective workshops, discourses, brief meditation sessions, plenary sessions and panel discussions to cover different aspects of the central theme.

1. Online Registration Link

2. Download the e-Copy of Brochure, Invitation Letter and Letter for BK Teachers

    SpARC Wing_17th SIR Conference Brochure 2023

    Invitation Letter to Delegate 17th SIR Conference 2023

    Covering Letter to Centre Incharge to Invite Delegates_17th SIR Conference